Teaching your Dog Tricks

One of the first things that you will take care of when you bring home your new German Shepherd, regardless of his age, is to work on house training and basic obedience. With his high levels of intelligence, you will find that your dog rapidly grasps the concept of everything that you are teaching him and seems to grow bored with covering the basics. Take his training to the next level and teach your German Shepherd several tricks that can not only help to keep his mind stimulated but could also prove to be useful!

Shake Paws
Amongst the first tricks that most dog owners teach is to show their dog how to shake paws. This can quickly be accomplished in a matter of hours by simply having your dog sit in front of you while you have a small bag of his favorite treats nearby. Pick up his paw gently and say to him “Shake!” You should then offer him one of the treats. German Shepherd puppies are very eager to please their human so you may find that you just need to repeat the process two or three times before he is raising his paw on his own when you give him the cue to do so!

Go Fetch The…
In addition to teaching your dog how to fetch a ball or frisbee that you have thrown for him, consider teaching your German Shepherd to fetch items like his own leash prior to a walk or his food bowl prior to dinner time. This trick could be expanded on to include fetching your shoes, your keys, or even something from the fridge! Be careful about teaching your German Shepherd the easiest way to get into your fridge, however. You may find that your pup opts to explore the contents of your fridge out of boredom while you are at work  – this could be more than messy, it could prove to be somewhat pricey when your pup eats the roast you were saving for Sunday night!

Remember, at all times, to keep the trick-training activities light hearted and fun! While your German Shepherd is expanding his skill set, it is still possible to scare him off from completing a task if you lose your temper with him. Be patient and, above all, have fun!

Teaching Dog Tricks