Training Your German Shepherd Puppy and
Being a Responsible Dog Owner

Understanding what it means to be a responsible dog owner can help you to avoid several potential problems with your German Shepherd as he grows into the large dog that he is expected to be. By being responsible, and taking your responsibilities seriously, you will not only have a well-behaved dog that you are proud of, but you will have a loyal and loving companion for many years to come.

Responsible Training
All dogs, including German Shepherd puppies, can receive great benefit from thorough obedience training. Socialization should be a part of your dog’s training program in order to ensure that he is well familiar with other dogs and with people who are not a part of his core family unit.
A well trained dog is a joy to be around and is also a dog that can readily be called back to your side if you are out, at the park for example, and he is off leash. Remember that proper obedience and house training can save you a significant amount of stress as your dog grows older and proves to be too large to physically maneuver or remove from a tense situation with another dog or person.

Spay Or Neuter
Perhaps the most important thing that a responsible dog owner can do is to take the appropriate steps needed to spay or neuter their German Shepherd. Unless your dog is of exceptional stud quality and has excelled as a show dog then there is absolutely no reason to avoid neutering him.
There are many misguided pet owners who believe that it is good for a female dog to have a litter of puppies before she is fixed or that it can alter the protective nature of a male dog if he is neutered. However, research has determined that a female dog can receive a lot more benefit from being spayed before she has puppies than she can after she has had a litter – her risks of uterine and breast cancer drop dramatically, for example.
German Shepherds have been bred for their ability to protect their family and their homestead so it is very unlikely that neutering your dog will remove those bred-in traits.

German Shepherd Puppy